• Physical Security and Surveillance

We provide a high-quality, scalable physical-security solutions that are designed and manufactured with high level technology that meet your need as follows:.

- High-definition (HD) network camera systems for harsh environments and Extreme Temperature Range
- Dual stage surge protection for power, alarms, and network / video guard against voltage spikes and surges
- Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel 316L construction protects video surveillance equipment, electronics and lenses from debris, harsh chemicals, and other contaminants
- Thermal Cameras with Single / Dual integrated sensor systems offer day/night, real-time surveillance. Employing 24/7, clear and accurate observation through difficult environmental challenges significantly enhances detection and appropriate response to potential threats.
- Rugged fixed and PTZ camera enclosures with pan, tilt positioners, tripods and infrared illuminators.

We offers other security and surveillance solutions as follows:

- CCTV Surveillance
- Access Control
- Time attendance
- Identity Management
- Automatic Plate Number Recognition